When making his first steam engine, James Watt layed the foundation of today┤s mechanized modern industry, and at the same time he created the profession of the machine engineer.
The machine engineer is in the group of technicians, who has been closest attached to the heavy progress of the machincal industry, during the last 200 years.


These words are used as an introduction in the memorial publication issued by the Danish Engineer Association in connection with the celebration of the 100th anniversary on 1. April 1973. These words confirm the origin of the engineer profession.

Engineers were for a long time self-educated, but today engineers are skilled technicians with professional engineering degrees.


The degree opens the door on many possible careers.
Job prospects for graduates with a degree are:
- Works manager, energy advisor, waterworks director,
environment advisor, administrative director, safety director,
sales technician, boiler tender, electrical installer, refrigeration installer