Engineering degree

The engineering degree takes 3 years to complete.

Subjects are divided into semester-long blocks, which usually conclude with an examination, and a new set of subjects begins with each new semester. The engineering degree qualifies graduates to obtain a Merchant Shipping Certificate, as per chapter III/2 of the STCW´s 1995 convention, after all mandatory on-job training is completed in accordance with valid ship staffing laws. Graduates are thus qualified to work as engineers, with rank proportionate to each’s respective level of on-job training, aboard all motor-driven vessels.

A degree in engineering gives graduates the theoretical foundation necessary to obtain:

– Certification to perform electrical installations

– A boiler monitoring and refrigeration installation permit

– The right to attend proficiency-improving courses on internal regulation, investigation, and preparation of gaseous substances.

– Expertise on pressure valves and pipe systems under pressure

Each of the abovementioned specializations requires additional on-job training and certification.

Engineering 2999 kW Course

Course duration: approximately 9 months

The first six months of the course are devoted to technical subjects. When students have passed their initial technical exams, they will then start the compulsory curriculum; these classes generally take 3 months to complete. Those who complete the engineering course are qualified to work aboard all vessels. After the mandatory period of on-job training is successfully completed, course graduates may obtain the rank of chief engineer aboard ships of up to 2999 kW of engine power OR a rank no higher than assistant engineer aboard ships over 2999 kW of engine power.